What is it?


The Shine On Series is a chain of events showcasing the original compositions of musicians of all genres. Now in its 3rd season, these competitions have transitioned from simply a way to help identify up and coming talent; and now gives that talent a larger platform to showcase their art:  Lynchburg Music Fest 2020! 


How does it work? 


Well, first you submit two songs. Then Igniter (the show’s producers) will select 10 artists per show. That’s 40 artists per season! The selected artists will then perform for a panel of judges curated for each event. The winner of each night gets a little cash, the opportunity to work with Igniter on a publishing deal, and a slot on Lynchburg Music Fest 2020!


Well, which slot?


Good question! Once all 4 winners from all 4 events have been picked they all go to the finals; Lynchburg TN’s very own 58th Annual Frontier Days! Here they will compete against the other winners of the Shine On Series and the winners of our sister event, The Songcrafter's Series,

to determine which slot at Lynchburg Music Fest 2020 they get. 


If you made it to Frontier Days you already have a spot at Lynchburg Music Fest 2020! 


Hmmm, does it cost?


Well, yea it costs, but just $50 to submit and we only take the 50 bucks if you get picked. Then we pool that and give the money to the winners of the competitions. Boom!


Why are we doing this?


Jonny Hill, the CEO of Igniter Productions is a songwriter himself. When he and his partner, Marshall Liles, decided to get into the music biz they promised each other they would do what they could to help songwriters find a platform and help them get where they need to go. Seeing other competitions take money from hopeful songwriters to just turn around and deny them entry felt wrong. 


So what do you get?


Win or lose, you get to come play along some of the best artists in Nashville. If you win you get $400 for that night’s win, a slot at Frontier Days AND a slot at Lynchburg Music Fest. 


Hold up, I thought you said all the money collected through submissions go to the artists performing. Wheres, the other $100 go?


You didn’t let me finish! First place gets $400. Crowd favorite gets $100. If the judges pick you AND the crowd picks you then you get $500 for that win!

So to recap, if you win, you get to play with Nashville’s best talent, in front of some of the leading singer-songwriters in the industry as judges, $400 - $500, the chance to work with Igniter on a publishing deal, a slot on Frontier Days AND a slot on Lynchburg Music Fest 2020. BOOM! Best $50 you ever spent!


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